The banking and financial services sector faces almost three times more cyber-attacks than any other industry. banks are where money is. additionally, the banks also possess data of millions of users. so, for cybercriminals, attacking banks offers multiple avenues for profit through extortion, theft, and fraud. more and more, financial services organizations are operating under a constant state of attack, leaving it and security teams challenged in their ability to collect, disseminate and interpret malicious events.

Why Cyber Security in Banking is Important?

The Big Breach -It’s the big breach that keeps banks awake at night. Huge volumes of valuable financial data are under increasing pressure to keep customer data safe from hackers and fraudsters.

New Forms of Hacking – Nowadays hackers do not only just delete consumer data, whereas they change or hold its hostage for later use. Every time hackers are using new ways to exploit financial service.

Ignoring a Potential Breach – This failure of the system to alert to a potential breach is a major part of a modern cybersecurity strategy and would keep any CISO worth their salt up at night.

Customers’ Accounts – Customer accounts can be the most vulnerable point of entry to a bank’s systems. The hackers used stolen privileged credentials to steal from their account.

Ruthless Adversaries –The threat shouldn’t be considered a technology problem but more like organized crime. They are like ruthless operations that work outside of a regulatory system. They are even quicker than the system and are more pragmatic. That’s a really tough problem banking industry has to deal with, so one needs to stop thinking about this as a technology problem.

Solution for Financial Services

We provide a comprehensive Attack Surface Management platform that allows your team to discover, monitor, investigate, and mitigate the threats across your digital attack surface. With this view, you can have an understanding of your digital presence to stop and prevent attacks as well as maintain compliance.
An attack surface is comprised of digital assets on your organization’s infrastructure as well as cloud assets, third-party code libraries, mobile apps, and more. By gaining visibility into how your organization appears beyond the firewall, you can see your attack surface the way an attacker does to know where security and compliance gaps may exist.
Our proprietary crawl and scan data collection techniques gather the most comprehensive internet data sets available to detect emerging threats. This internet telemetry data can plug into your organization’s fusion center to improve the time it takes your teams to detect, understand, and act on threats.


WebHawk® is one integrated solution for all Cyber security needs. It has all security features that an organization needs to protect its network from all kind of outsider intrusions , viruses , hacks, ransomware.